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Dec 9, 2013 7:00am EST
, the president assassinated, bobby kennedy assassinated, the president's son killed in a senseless plane crash off cape cod, jacqueline kennedy died in her early 60s of cancer, ted kennedy, the whore at chappaquiddick where that young woman died in that accident. they identify also with the suffering that the family has gone through, because everybody lives to something a difficult in their lives. so it's the combination on the one hand of their fame and fortune, and on the other hand their suffering, their tragedy. but they are really the dynastic family. >> that will explain the public fascination but in this book he tells the truth and we've had a range of kennedy biographies. then there was the tearing them down at exposure of his womanizing and the concealment of his health problems, but i left his platoon this was a pretty positive portrait. he was my take away come to paint the picture of a president came in with a lot of faith and going to defer to his disasters, but he learned from that expense and by the time of the cuban missile crisis he realized he was also responsible for the dec
Dec 7, 2013 8:00am EST
think it's the first reference that i saw in here at least he writes about bobby, and he later wrote the great book about bobby after his death. but he said to the editor of the new york times in ten of 1954, robert kennedy's letter is such an astonishing mixture of distortion and error that it deserves comment. [laughter] and the times for arguing that the trouble lay not with yalta, but with the subsequent violations. mr. kennedy suggested the agreement gave manchuria to soviet russia. china shall retain full sovereignty in manchuria. not that many years later he writes the most persuasive letter to "the new york times" about why bobby kennedy will be a good senator from the state of new york and why he deserves to run. so's not inflexible in terms of making judgments about things. but for me at least, watching that mind at work and watching him on the american landscape and not just going with the winds, but making strong judgments, this was an area that he knew well and probably did know a lot more than bobby did about what happened at yalta and was not afraid to pull his chain.
Dec 1, 2013 10:00pm EST
it is the first or reference to write about bobby after his death the editor of "the new york times" kennedy's letter was published february 3rd to deserved comments but not only with the agreements with the violation about why bobby kennedy was a good senator and why he was but always to make judgment. but to watch the landscape but this was the area us you know, well and probably more it was not afraid to pull his change. >> that brings up the point it it became very close to him and i used to visit my father at law school and we would go out to dinner and he and bobby would sit there and talks about the existential issues suffering so dramatically from the assassination of jack kennedy to talk about issues of do you believe in god. i remember vividly i remember to me that opened with my father not on the policy level but on a personal level. >> something to touch on he was also right tea film reviews. and it just does drop to have him give me a chapter and verse about the structure he was the forest, but not the bad way the spending the us numbers at the cape but had told in the winterti
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> after 25 days of not eating, he broke the fast with bobby kennedy at his side. mr. chavez first took communion, and senator kennedy passed him a piece of bred. his first food after 25 days. that happened 45 years ago. this winter, it is elisao medena. he started last month with immigration reform. the day after thanksgiving, president obama and first lady michelle obama went to visit him and the activities on the national mall where they had been without food for 20 days. he said he supported their cause, he believed it was not a matter of if but when, they would finally take a vote on immigration, but he also voiced concern for the health of the people that had been fasting for so long. he suggested they take a break for their own health, let somebody else fast next. today, he did that after 22 days without food, he broke his fast. he passed it on to senator robert kennedy's grandson, congressman joe kennedy of massachusetts. he will join with the others in fasting for 24 hours and he will pass it on to others. this is part of an emotional and intense effort to try to push ut house
Dec 7, 2013 1:30pm EST
boot. people his nose and massages left on. i may not be much but i am sheriff of meghan county. bobby will fell on his knife. good night, sir. mr. tate stamp of of the porch. atticus said scout, mystery will fell on his knife. can you understand? atticus looked like he needed cheering about i hugged him and kissed him with all my might. yes, sir, i understand. .. >> that a applause is really for hr lee, not for me. i know that was a long passage, but it encapsulates so much of the book, and i think that today the lessons of the book live on. so often, i think we know that. and the great thing about what she did, i think, is that she took a very small town, small story and told it very well. but it made it universal. and timeless. and it's a great gift to our, to the country and to the world. i think it is unbelievably timeless and >> this book is the adventures of huckleberry finn, and it was banned in, i think, for many reasons similar to why "to kill a mockingbird" got banned. there was a lot of racism involved in this. the -- i'm sure everybody is familiar with the story of a young
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)